CT Martin Joins Ancestors

The 84-year old long-serving member of the Atlanta City Council transcended this morning to join the ancestors. He was one of my best friends and always extended to me unconditional love. I will write more later about this gift to humanity and giant of a man who always spoke softly. May he RIP.

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The Other Big Lie

In their fight against voter suppression Democrats and progressives should not believe that boycotts hurt low wage workers and small businesses. Do they think we’re stupid? Now we are supposed to stop putting pressure on corporations and businesses that stand idly by and let Republicans roll back hard fought gains on the voter rights front […]

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Dancing with Angels Revisited

I am reposting “Dancing with Angels” because I received a “like” today from this posting of nearly a year ago, around the time of death of Rep. Elijah Cummings. If you have already read it I hope you will reread it in light of all that has happened since its publication on December 21, 2019. […]

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The Author’s Unedited Segments on White Supremacy & the Police

The sections cut from the article on the infiltration of white supremacists in U.S. police departments: In my column posted yesterday I recommended several reforms. Those reforms were not intended to ignore the larger problem of the infiltration of white-supremacist groups within the U.S. police departments. This article from Truthout explores this problem in more […]

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Tear Stained-Face

Coronavirus makes us think about dying. It should make us think about living. “Day in day out my tear-stained facePressed against the window paneMy eyes search the skies desperately for rain‘Cause rain drops will hide my tear dropsAnd no one will ever know that I’m cryingCrying when I go outside” Wish it Would Rain Performed […]

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