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This blog focuses on politics, culture and maleness. You may ask, “What is maleness?” I am not sure but I feel a need to speak deeply to what it means to be a 60-something year-old black male in a white patriarchal society who does not realize all the benefits of patriarchy but does benefit by means of living and accepting the structural imbalances advanced by patriarchy. Women need us to challenge men who objectify them, abuse them and create an environment of fear, and who only give lip service to structural inequities in jobs, salaries, and domestic affairs.
We live in times now where race matters but it should not. The president of the U.S. is stoking racial fears and divisions. His colleagues in Congress won’t check him on this. Americans must decide on our future and the type of country we want for ourselves and our children. Will we continue working to perfect our imperfect Union or will we drift toward modern day fascism? The choice is ours. This blog site of columns is committed to having a courageous conversation about our future, particularly as it relates to politics, race relations, patriarchy, and culture. I welcome thoughtful and civil disagreements and diverse points of view.
Like my wife, Nisha, said, “Now you’ve got your voice back!” This new phase of life I want to run my mouth. Speak my truth without considering the impact on my ability to earn a living. I want to challenge conventional thought, speak out courageously, and be truthful and visceral but not take myself too seriously. Above all, I want to have fun, laugh more, and experience what it means to be present, fulfilled–human.
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