Adventures on Westside Beltline

You meet homeless, racial paranoid, cult of ignorance   The Atlanta Beltline when completed will be 33 miles of multiuse trails along abandoned railroad right of-way. The Westside Beltline runs through the historic Washington Park neighborhood, the first Black subdivision in Atlanta, historic West End, and Adair Park, among others. Overlapping with the West End […]

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Ivory Young

What Manner of a Man? As big of a man as Ivory Young was his true assets were understated. The 56-year-old Atlanta City Councilman passed November 16 after a courageous battle with Multiple Myeloma. He was one of 15 councilpersons who decides on whether or not to fund Arthur Blank’s Mercedes Benz Stadium, the development […]

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Yes, We Can!

Georgia Republicans Abdicated Right to Lead   More than two decades ago, I ran for a seat on the Atlanta City Council and won. It was the Third Council District that included part of the Atlanta University Center, the old Bankhead Highway (now Donald L. Hollowell Pkwy) neighborhoods, Grove Park, Vine City, Washington Park, and […]

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What Becomes of Broken Hearted?

Encountering Anti-Semitism in Squirrel Hill America Network executives interrupted the A.M. Joy show Saturday morning on MSNBC. The special report informed us of an active shooter loose in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood in the East End of Pittsburg. A deranged anti-Semitic man executed 11 worshipers and injured a half a dozen others at the Tree […]

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