The Author’s Unedited Segments on White Supremacy & the Police

The sections cut from the article on the infiltration of white supremacists in U.S. police departments:

In my column posted yesterday I recommended several reforms. Those reforms were not intended to ignore the larger problem of the infiltration of white-supremacist groups within the U.S. police departments. This article from Truthout explores this problem in more detail. In fact I noticed this first as president of Georgia Piedmont Tech College as I listened to one racist excuse after another as to why the dean and academy director would not hire Black law enforcement instructors. Despite my support of the academy, this group remained my loyal opposition and eventually joined forces with other racists to undermine my leadership.

My column yesterday had to be edited for length and the part that got cut dealt with this issue of the police and white supremacy. Read the part that was cut below.

“President Trump and the RNC are already seizing upon the violence in Kenosha, Wi in an attempt to gain political advantage. As this tragedy played out on cable news networks, speaker after speaker at the Republican National Convention condemned protesters and painted them with broad brushes as looters, rioters, and an angry mob determined to destroy the peace and tranquility of America’s sequestered suburbs. No sincere expressions of condolence were extended to the Blake family or the families of the victims of the 17 year-old vigilante. Instead the Republicans kicked off their convention featuring Mark and Patricia McCloskey who were arrested on felony charges after brandishing their weapons before peaceful protesters in a St. Louis suburb. 

For the balance of the national election the strategy of the Republicans is clear–Against the backdrop of the BLM movement, the police are being depicted as patriotic heroes in an uphill battle against violent mobs who desire to attack white suburban women and take away the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Cops now, and some will argue have always been, are pawns on the chessboards of neoconservative-fascist Republicans. Like in the past they have become one with white vigilantes working in unison to defend the flag, white supremacy, and a fading notion of Americanism that many of us hope will never return.”

2 thoughts on “The Author’s Unedited Segments on White Supremacy & the Police

  1. I’m in total agreement with you Dr. Simama. If we don’t find ways to honestly talk about our history and be willing to make corrections, the future is very bleak!


  2. Over 10 years ago the FBI warned the nation of the infiltration of the KKK. Neo-Nazis and white terror groups in the US into police departments. Sadly, the FBI took no measures to prevent it. And so, here we are today.


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